Secret to Window Blind Repair

I am currently in process to ready a house for a new tenant.  As usual, the old tennant left a bit of a mess.

While cleaning the horizontal blinds today, one of the  little slats had the end brake off.

To repair this, basically what one needs to do is to look at the bottom of the bottom slat and find the little plastic plugs, occasionally wood, ( depending on the width of the blind there can be 2 to 8 plugs).

When removing these plugs please be extremely careful.  Don’t lose them.  Watch  what strings are in which holes.  Just please be careful and very aware.

With that being said, you can remove the lighter gage slat just above the bottom slat and install it where the broken slat currently resides.  Of course you will need to remove the broken slat.  It seems to work better for me if I install the replacement slat 1st.  The replacement slat can slide easily along the top of the broken slat to find its new home.

You will find that the elevator cords will be pulled out with the installation of the replacement slat.  You will need to run the cords through the holes in the lower slats to the bottom slat.  You may take note, alternate the cord passing to the right and left of the ladder strings (little strings that go from side to side for the slats to sit on).

Now you will need to knot the elevator cable (cord) after they pass through the bottom slat, after you have raised that slat to the new bottom set of ladder strings, of course.  After this accomplishment, you will need to remove just the length of ladder support and the bottom ladder.  Remember, be careful, remove just what is necessary.  At this point you can bundle up the lose elevator cord and ladder parts ( that are still part of the blind), stuff them in the holes where you previously removed the plastic or wooden plugs.  Reinstall these plugs.

An upcoming tip is how to repair the controller for the elevation of the blinds slats.

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