Part 7 of: Want to Start A Home Repair / Remodeling Business?

Caveats: Always CYA ( cover your assets ) There is Always Someone There to Take Advantage.  

If this is a repair job where there is a possibility that it may grow, such as an electrical repair where the wiring may be damaged and may require replacing a long run, even cutting a hole in the wall, or a plumbing drain under a concrete floor that may require the removal a section of the floor, explain that to them.  It will be better in the long term to not do the repair for them than have to ask for a lot more money that you likely will not get when the job is completed.  I realize there is the small claims court and collection agencies.  You have to ask yourself if it is worth the aggravation and negative publicity. If you are not sure how to charge to make a repair, if you want to make this a learning experience, be prepared to take a loss. Be honest and explain this to the customer if they want you to go ahead anyway they need to be agreeable to compromize on the price, they may be in a hurry to get it done, therefore, making it worthwhile to have you go ahead. Always remember, unless otherwise specified, if you make a repair for which you charge as little as $125.00 or even free, and anything, I mean anything, goes wrong or stops working; many people will expect you to come back and do any additional needed repair for no additional charge.  A good example is:  My I was hired to straighten a sagging porch.  My crew and I were able to raise the low areas of the porch with the use of small hydraulic jacks.  The job turned out very nice and the owner was pleased until it rained.  When it rained the roof of the house started to leak and the owner said that it had never leaked before.  The owner was irate and wanted the leak repaired as part of the porch repair cost.  As it turned out, it was less trouble to make the repair for no charge than to go through the hassle of fighting it (it only took a little tar patch applied at a joint just above the leak).  Unfortunately, things more often, are not that simple.  I have had spigots on the exterior of the house start dripping, where the implication was that it did not drip before I turned the water off, therefore they expected me to do the repair for no additional charge. When making repairs, especially electrical and plumbing:  If the customer doesn’t want the corrections made to code, specifically if there is a sanitary or fire hazard, be sure to have them sign a release from liability and a statement that they are aware of the possibility that a problem may occur as a result of non-code completion job.  (They must sign and date acknowledgement.)  This is a time when the contractor really should walk away. Explain to them that in some locales, an owner must furnish receipts for completed work when they decide to sell and your receipt will show a non-code compliance infraction.  So if they don’t do it correctly at todays’ prices, they will probably have to pay more later. Be sure to tell a friend about this site and the fact that they can learn to manage a construction business themself, plus learn how to make simple repairs around their own home. You will also find free tips by clicking on Home Improvement Tips in the page header or ‘Click Here.’   Great tips huh?  How do you feel about these tips?  If you want additional information, just ask.  Either send me an email to or ask a question in the comment area.  You will receive a response very soon.   Remember to receive all updates, just register on one of the easy forms in the sidebar.  Be sure to share with your friends.   If you have remodeling planed in the future and you plan to hire a contractor, I suggest that you have a look at this report.  The Investment is 100% Money-Back Guaranteed for 60 days by clickbank.   Ultimate Guide To The Home Remodeling Process Click Here

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