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Tip 1 A.  Improvment for Sonic toothbrush holder: for the magnetic-base replaceable toothbrush

  1. Day 1, when item is new, the ability for it to hold a toothbrush really bites
  2. This simple fix will hold the toothbrush securely and provide storage for accessories, such as Water Pic tips, dental floss or other small items
  3. Using a dependable adhesive such as clear silicon or double-back tape glue a small plastic drinking cup into one side of the base of the brush holder.
  4. Also using adhesive, glue a steel washer or another small flat piece of magnetically attracted material to the outside bottom of the other side of brush holder. When you place your toothbrush in the brush socket it will stay and to remove it you will virtually have to pry it out.
  5. You may have noticed 2 slots on photo # 8.  Those are for attaching the holder to the wall by means of 2 screws so the items in the holder are handy at a moments notice..
  6. From time to time you may need to clean out deposits which have adhered to the bottom of plastic cup. White vinegar works great.




Tip  2 A. Prevent Burnt Coffee in Coffee Pot (it stinks)

In the past I have have had a problem remembering to turn off my coffee pot. If there is any coffee left in it, after a while it will stink big time. I don’t know, maybe some people like that smell. I don’t.

Any way, after a few decades of smelling that smell, cleaning the burned coffee from the pot and all the other inconveniences including, the expense of the wasted electricity.

That’s right the expense. I haven’t bothered to cost it out as of yet, but I’ll bet that it comes out to several $$$ dollars a month for the electricity waste.

Quite frankly this gets old.  A few stinky pots past, a decision was made to fix the problem. You probably have a lamp timer at your home, so use it by plugging it into the electrical outlet where the coffee pot is plugged in and then plug the coffee pot into the timer outlet. Set the timer off/on switch to an amount of time as short as possible. This gives sufficient time for the brew.

Because of health reasons, my bride is restricted from caffeine intake, so I brew her a cup of decaffeinated, then turn the off/on coffee pot switch off, add my water and fresh coffee grounds and then brew myself a cup of leaded. I am even able to use the same filter. The timer gives me sufficient time for both brewings setting the minimum time possible.

Also when the wife wants a cup of tea or if I want a picture of tea, the pot makes a great tea brewing station.



Tip 3 A. Old Tea Causes Upset Stomach For Many People

If I don’t drink the tea right away while it is fresh, the tea will give me an upset stomach, that is, if I wait until the next day to drink it.  From research I have discovered that this is a phenomena caused do to the growth of bacteria that was present on the tea leaves before brewing.

When the tea cools the bacteria begins to return and overnight it becomes more intense, therefore, creating stress in the intestines after ingesting.



Tip 4 A.  Easy Electrical Fixes, Especially If it Ain’t Broke

A tenant called some time back and told me that he had several light fixtures around his house that did not work.  Seeing that there were so many, I ruled the bulbs out because that would be too much of a coincidence especially since he told me that he had replaced some of them with newly purchased bulbs.

I was positive that my friend’s problem with his lights was the GFCI. He called and told me that the correction to the GFCI didn’t work. I decided to go over to his home and check that he did the testing correctly. He did. Now what. I asked for and he promptly gave me a new light bulb. I screwed the bulb into the socket and it didn’t work. Rather than start testing for other problems, I took the new bulb into the house and screwed it into a known working socket. The bulb was no good. I took the hot bulb that I had removed from the lamp and screwed it into the suspect socket. Viola! It worked. This was crazy, he had 4 or 5 burned out bulbs. I explained to him, the house is 10 years old. No bulbs have ever been replaced.  It’s time for them to burn out.

His next problem was that he didn’t have any replacement bulbs. I very strongly encouraged him to buy the CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs, reason being, they will repay the cost of the bulb in energy savings in the first year. I also explained to him that the old bulbs get really hot and warm the surrounding space, therefore, making the air conditioner work harder, also where a 60 watt bulb uses 60 watts, the CFL with the same lumens only use 23 watts.

Just thought you might like to know. Always check the simplest thing first. Just because it is new doesn’t mean that it is good. For more information about energy savings, look for the next tips.



Tip 5 A. Protect Your Watercolor Artwork

In case you have watercolor artwork hanging at your home, make an effort to put them where by they will not get direct sunlight. Direct sunlight, or any vibrant light, will cause the colors to fade and become dull over time. Your loved paintings may lose their vibrancy–and importance. Keeping them from sunlight and other bright light will help maintain their hue.


Tip 6 A. When the Electric Coffee Pot Quits Working –  Fix It

DSCN3263After having owned this particular coffee pot for a little over a year, one morning after getting ready to face the world and having that early morning great cup of coffee with breakfast.  The electric coffee pot quits working.  The unit would make the pumping sound that one is familiar with, but no water was coming through to do the brewing.  Being the so called mechanic that I propose to be. I had to have a go at fixing it.  The one-way valve can get clogged open or closed. You can often fish out the debris that causes this problem with a toothpick, but not this time.  I had to tear it totally apart in order to fix it.  Somehow a piece of debris got caught in the pumping mechanism in the base of the pot.  I was able to remove the debris, but when I reassembled the pot in order to try it out, I had the valve backward.  I had to rip the whole thing apart again and redo the assembly.  Man-o-man what a gob of screws to contend with.  That was 2 or 3 years ago and the rascal is still a pumping.

The tubes can get clogged with calcium. This is especially true of the aluminum heating tube.  My wife Val, usually runs a cup of white vinegar through 3 times, being careful to remove the sediment each time before proceeding, then running 2 batches of clean water through to remove the vinegar taste.

Whenever something in our household breaks, unless we want to replace it anyway, if so this will produce the right excuse to replace it.  If not, I will have a go at repairing it.  The way I see things is, it is broken anyway, the worst thing that can happen is that it may become more broken, then it goes to the trash, and a trip to the store wasn’t prevented this time.  My track record makes me successful more often than not.

It would be great if I had taken photos of the operation, but I didn’t.  At the time it didn’t occur to me that I would be telling anyone about the experience. Coincidentally, the coffee pot that this one replaced didn’t survive  a similar operation.  The heating element was burned out.  If a replacement heating element could have been ordered, it would probably cost as much as a new coffee pot.

Always remember, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

If you have a Keurig Brewing System and would like to sample a great assortment of Single Serve Brews, simply scroll to the bottom of this page, click on the photo and enjoy the selection of fine brews.

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Until next time.


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