Don’t Let Burnt Coffee Stink Up the Place

Prevent Burnt Coffee in Coffee Pot (it really stinks)

In the past I have have had the problem of always remembering to turn off our coffee pot. If there is any coffee left in it, after a while it will burn & stink big time. I don’t know, maybe some people like that smell. Not me.

After a few decades of putting up with smelling that smell, cleaning the burned coffee from the pot and all the other inconveniences including, the expense of the wasted electricity for letting the pot continue to heat.

That’s right the expense. I haven’t bothered to cost it out as of yet, but I’ll bet that it comes out to several $$$ dollars a month for the electricity waste.  We’re probably talking about 750 to a thousand watts of power per hour while the pot continues to burn.

Quite frankly this smelly scenario gets old.  A few stinky pots past, an idea loomed on the horizon of how to fix the problem.  A lamp timer was located in the garage, like everything else stored in the garage it was just taking up space, however, now it is being utilized by being plugged into the electrical outlet where the coffee pot was plugged in and then plugging the coffee pot into the timer outlet. The timer off/on switch is adjusted to an amount of time as short as possible. This gives sufficient time for the brew.

The lamp timer was designed to turn on and off a lamp of a maximum of a 100 watt light bulb.  The electric coffee pot uses as much as 1500 watts of power when 1st starting up, so this surge may create a larger spark than the timer is designed for.  To overcome this problem, it is probably a good idea to wait until the timer has been switched on before turning the coffee pot on using the switch on the pot and likewise turning the pot off after brewing the coffee.  The Idea of the timer is a safety measure just in case you forget to turn the pot off.

Because of health reasons, my bride is restricted from caffeine intake, so I brew her a cup of decaffeinated, then turn the off/on coffee pot switch off, add my water and fresh coffee grounds and then brew myself a cup of leaded. I am even able to use the same filter, it only saves a penny, but it also saves the hastle of dumping the hot grounds and burning the fingers in the process. The timer gives me sufficient time for both brewings setting the minimum time possible.

Also when my mate wants a cup of tea or if I want a picture of tea, the pot makes a great tea brewing station.

I’m sure you enjoyed this tip (more will be coming).  Tell a friend & leave a comment. 

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